360º Human Care


We will consider corporate ethics as the foremost value
and contribute to the health of humankind.
“Based on the spirit of respect for life”
Our mission is to develop safe and high-quality medication, thereby contributing towards improving the quality of life of the nation and humankind. To realize this, we must fulfill our responsibilities as exemplary members of society while promoting sustained growth and development. Therefore, we set the realization of social values by corporations and the cultivation of ethical consciousness as our top-priority standards and enact the Code of Ethics by which we fully comply with.
  • 01 We shall exert our utmost efforts to develop medicines with excellent medicinal effects and safety through deep awareness of our corporate mission and active R&D investment.
  • 02 We shall remain fully committed to producing and supplying medicines necessary for national health care in a stable manner, and to this end, we established a production system for medicines in compliance with international standards.
  • 03 In order to establish fair competition and a transparent distribution order required by society, we shall expel all illegal and unfair transactions from the medicine distribution process and maintain and develop cooperative relationships with health and medical experts based on high-level ethical consciousness and transparency.
  • 04 We shall remain full aware of the fact that drug information is used in the medical field for dealing with life or for patient medication counseling, and thus we strive to convey all information correctly on scientific grounds and prevent any distortion or misunderstanding in the conveyed information for safe use of medication by consumers.
  • 05 We shall carry out various clinical trials and studies for the purpose of developing and improving medicines for the prevention and treatment of diseases, and respect the human rights of subjects.
  • 06 We shall respect treaties, declarations and norms related to the common values of humankind, such as anti-corruption, Information Security, human rights, and the environment, and comply with domestic and foreign laws applicable to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • 07 In performing our duties, we strive to avoid pursuing personal interests and exclude conflicts of interest, making efforts to ensure fair task execution. We endeavor to fulfill the social responsibilities entrusted to the company, and as part of that, we actively engage in social contribution activities.